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See. Hear. Love. Relate. Heal.

My name is Christian Snuffer, and I am passionate about helping people heal. Therapy and coaching with me are collaborative processes that drop some of the stuffiness associated with mental health treatment. I believe that pain and suffering happen in relationships, so we must heal through relationships. You and I will come together to create an empowering, healing, and nurturing relationship. 

In addition to traditional talk therapy, I work with altered states of consciousness and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. I believe wholeheartedly in these healing modalities and strive to bring them into my practice in a safe, honorable, and intentional way. 

If you are on this page right now, something inside you is likely encouraging you to seek help. If that is the case, please email me and schedule a consultation call, it is free to you and offers an opportunity for connection, and I will be stoked if we get a chance to connect!

Green Forest

Therapeutic Process

As a clinician, I recognize that individual therapy is a powerful and effective way of addressing specific traumas, neuroses, and limitations. And at some point, the individual must reintegrate with the community to take healing to the next level. For that reason, I do not work with clients individually on a long-term basis. Instead, we do brief and impactful therapy for five sessions and then transition into a group therapy model. 


Group, offered once a week, allows me to provide therapy at a significantly reduced rate and creates an environment where healing is centered in the community. 


Five sessions are sold as a package for $1000. Once completed, you can enter into the group, where sessions are $25/group. 


If you need continued individual therapy, we will collaborate and create a plan to fit your needs best - I will not leave you hanging! That may involve more individual work or a hybrid of individual and group. If we can't figure it out, I will help refer you to another qualified practitioner who fits your needs. 

Description of Services

My practice is called Attunement Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Healing - All appointments are with me or one of the other practitioners employed at Attunement Psych 


If you feel stuck and don't know how to unstuck yourself, then pick up the phone and give me a call! Let's chat for a few and see what you need. If we are a good fit, and you could benefit from counseling or coaching we'll get you scheduled!

Individual Therapy/Coaching Session

$1000/ Five Sessions

Individual therapy or coaching is a wonderful process of self-exploration and growth. It can definitely be scary if you have never done it before, but I promise I won't bite. Everyone deserves to know themselves, to process their traumas, and thereby release some of their anxiety. A non-judgmental environment coupled with non-biased reflections provides that opportunity!

Ketamine Assisted Group & Individual Therapy

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Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is an incredibly effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and trauma. Couple that with group therapy, and you have a recipe for catalyzed growth in participants. KAP group therapy is for people seeking a deeper connection with themselves and others. Group can seem intimidating at first, but our expert facilitators will make you feel comfortable and cared for.

Psychedelic Experience Consultation

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A new wave of psychedelic treatment & exploration is upon us! This service is designed as a harm-reduction measure to ensure that those interested in these types of experiences stay safe, intentional, and balanced. This is NOT psychedelic psychotherapy or a guided experience. It is simply an opportunity for guidance, reflection, and support. Read more about this here.

*Please do not let money deter you from seeking help. If you are on this page and considering reaching out, do so. We can discuss a financial agreement that makes sense for your situation.

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